Leigh Park Initiative

Leigh Park Initiative was a charity formed by two local churches, Wimborne Baptist Church and St John’s C/E, to co-ordinate work on a 450 household mixed East Dorset Housing Association (EDHA) estate in the eastern part of Wimborne, Dorset UK. We believe strongly that “Leigh Park is a good place to be!”

We have been active since 2002 when Leigh Park hosted the first UK based KidsGames event in a week-long marquee event called “Alive in the Park”. Since then we have brought the marquee back in mid-August every two years, and it will return between 10-12th July 2009. But in between the high profile “tent-events” we are engaged in wholistic mission aiming to improve the quality of life for all residents of Leigh Park. We are currently supporting a campaign to build a community centre for the residents of Leigh Park. For news about the latest developments on the Cobham/Flight Refuelling housing development click here.

Our trustees are drawn from supportive local churches and estate residents, and our charitable aims and objectives are published here by the Charity Commission. You can download PDF versions of our Chairman’s Address and our annual report to the Charity Commission – 2007 and 2008. One of our long term goals is to see our trustees drawn exclusively from residents who live on Leigh Park estate itself as we believe that local people are best placed to make the decisions that affect them and their environment. We believe in partnership, and we work with several local churches, voluntary organisations, and councils, as well as the East Dorset Community Partnership (Wimborne Local Action Group), East Dorset Housing Association and the Leigh Park Residents’ Association. You can see a lengthier list of our sponsors and partners on our Links page.

As a Faithworks affiliate we believe that Christians, and other faith communities can and should be making viable long term contributions to the communities they live in, and seeking wherever possible to work in partnership with other local and national organisations, as well as the statutory authorities, as outlined in the Dorset Community Strategy document. The way in which we interpret the distinctively Christian ethos of our organisation is described here in the Faithworks Charter which lays out how we aim to work with both individuals and organisations. We are not a church planting organisation, rather we are “planting kingdom to grow church”.