Some of the schools and the children and family centres on Leigh Park have for some time provided a range of extended activities and learning opportunities for the wider community. As part of the government’s extended services initiative to make extended learning opportunities and services accessible through schools, these activities are being developed and added to. This is being done in partnership with other community groups and service providers.   The activities and services cover the following five areas and are known as the ‘Core Offer’:-

•  Childcare

•  A varied range of activities

•  Parenting and family support

•  Swift and easy access to specialist services

•  Community use of facilities and family learning

You can find out more about the ‘Core Offer’ by clicking on any of these five areas under the Core Extended Services heading. They appear on all pages of the website.

The following schools and children and family centres offer a range of extended activities which can be accessed by the families of the children who go there and the wider community.

  • Park Community School
  • Sharps Copse Children and Families Centre
  • Staunton Community Sports College
  • Trosnant Infant and Junior Schools
  • Trospacc Children and Families Centre
  • Warren Park Primary School
  • SureStart Children and Family Centre – Warren Park

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