Welcome to Leigh Park community blog, here we will keep you up to date on the latest happenings and events going on in our local area. Set up in 2020 our aim is to bring the community together and be a hub of information for locals and visitors to get an idea of the best places and spots to visit.

Leigh Park is a suburb of havant in Hampshire. With a small population of 27,500. Leigh Park forms the electoral wards. This is the areas of Warren Park, Battins, Bondfields and Barncroft

The History of Leigh Park dates back to 1750 When it was farm land.

Leigh Park is located in the south of England

Leigh Park is also home to Leigh House which was owned by Samual Harrison in 1791. This was known as the Leigh Park Estate. To this day the stables and walled gardens of the grand estate survive and form part of the Staunton Country Park.