Core Extended Services
The 5 ‘Core Offer’ areas relate to the government’s Every Child Matters, Change For Children initiative. The government expects every school to be offering access to the core extended services by 2010. Schools will continue to offer some of these services themselves but will also be able to provide parents and families with information on where the following range of core extended services can be accessed in their local area:-
• Wraparound childcare 8am-6pm, all year round for primary schools.
• A varied range of activities including study support activities.
• Parenting and family support.
• Swift and easy access to specialist services.
• Community use of facilities including adult and family learning and ICT.
You can find out more about what extended services Leigh Park schools are currently offering by clicking on the blue Extended Activities boxes on the home page. The limited access activities are only for the children attending the school concerned but the open access activities is available to anyone who matches the age range, etc., for the activity.
The information on this part of the website about the core extended services has been taken from an audit undertaken through the schools and added to through the work of the co-ordinator. This will be updated on a regular basis.
Please note:
If you want to revise or update the information relating the activities/services offered by your group or organisation, or if you are a recognised service provider and would like what you offer to be added to information on this website, please send the details to the CIP contact on the home page.
A varied range of activities including study support activities
Schools and service providers, including the School Sports Development Team, are working across the Leigh Park area to develop a range of after school activities including basketball, football and Karate. Many school sites also encourage use of the facilities by local school clubs and voluntary organisations.